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Absolute Time
Analogies On The Physical Plane
Degrees Of Clairvoyant Vision
Future Time Clairvoyance
Involuntary Clairvoyance
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Microscopic Vision
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Past Time Clairvoyance
Present Clairvoyance
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Seeing What Has Not Yet Happened
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Simple Prevision
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The Akashic Plane
The Akashic Records
The Auric Colors
The Beginning Of The Prophecy
The Dinner Of The Elect
The Eternal Now
The Fall Of The Great
The Fate Of Royalty
The Fulfillment Of The Prophecy
The Human Aura
The Illuminatus
The Memory Of Nature
The Mystery Of Seeing The Past
The Nature Of Time
The Occult Hypothesis
The Oriental Teaching
The Prana Aura
The Prophecy Of Cazotte
The Psychic Telescope
The Shadow Of The Guillotine
The X-ray Sense
Thought Forms
Thousand-year-old Light
Time Clairvoyance
Viewing Distant Scenes

The Fate Of Royalty

"Here a sensible emotion pervaded the whole company, and the countenance
of the host was dark and lowering--they began to feel that the joke was
becoming too serious. Madame de Grammont, in order to dissipate the
cloud, took no notice of the last reply, and contented herself with
saying in a careless tone: 'You see, he will not leave me even a
confessor!' 'No, madame!' replied Cazotte, 'you will not have
one--neither you, nor any one besides. The last victim to whom this
favor will be afforded will be--' Here he stopped for a moment. 'Well,
who then will be the happy mortal to whom this prerogative will be
given?' Cazotte replied: 'It is the only one which he will have then
retained--and that will be the King of France!' This last startling
prediction caused the company to disband in something like terror and
dismay, for the mere mention of such things was akin to treason."

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