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The Gateway Of Mediumship

"Through the gateway of mediumship the spirits make themselves known in
a variety of ways. There are many phases of mediumistic phenomena, and
the student will find that he must be patient, painstaking, and
persevering if he would make sure of his facts. Careful investigation,
possibly prolonged research, under many difficulties and with many
discouragements, will be required, but 'success is certain if energy
fail not,' and the results will adequately recompense him for all
sacrifice and struggle! For in the light of the demonstrated fact of
continued existence after death, it is clear that man is even now 'a
spirit served by organs'--that consequently the basis of all religious
experience and affirmation is the spiritual consciousness of mankind.
There could be no revelation to man of spiritual truth or moral duty if
he were not a spirit possessing the capabilities of receiving and
comprehending, of interpreting and applying, the revelations and
inspirations which appeal to and quicken the inner (and higher) self."

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