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The Home Circle

Mediums are born or made. That is to say, many persons are born with the
gift of mediumship, while others, lacking this natural power, are able
to develop the power by practice and gradual unfoldment. Some of the
world's best mediums have been developed, while others in the same class
have been born with the gift. At the same time, it must be remembered
that there is a wide range of power existing between different
individual mediums of both of these classes. In the opinion of the
present writer, perhaps the very best way of developing mediumistic
powers is that of actually participating in "circle work." The wonderful
results of earlier spiritualism in America and in Europe were
undoubtedly due to the casual and general practice of holding "home
circles." These home circles were the nursery of some of the world's
greatest mediums. Here the born medium was made aware of his or her
natural powers; and, likewise, here others were enabled to gradually
unfold and develop their latent mediumistic power.

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