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Absolute Time
Analogies On The Physical Plane
Degrees Of Clairvoyant Vision
Future Time Clairvoyance
Involuntary Clairvoyance
Methods Of Development
Microscopic Vision
Other Historical Instances
Past Time Clairvoyance
Present Clairvoyance
Reading The Light Waves
Seeing What Has Not Yet Happened
Sensing The Higher Vibrations
Simple Prevision
Space Clairvoyance
The Akashic Plane
The Akashic Records
The Auric Colors
The Beginning Of The Prophecy
The Dinner Of The Elect
The Eternal Now
The Fall Of The Great
The Fate Of Royalty
The Fulfillment Of The Prophecy
The Human Aura
The Illuminatus
The Memory Of Nature
The Mystery Of Seeing The Past
The Nature Of Time
The Occult Hypothesis
The Oriental Teaching
The Prana Aura
The Prophecy Of Cazotte
The Psychic Telescope
The Shadow Of The Guillotine
The X-ray Sense
Thought Forms
Thousand-year-old Light
Time Clairvoyance
Viewing Distant Scenes

The Illuminatus

"One only of the guests had not taken part in all the joyousness of this
conversation, and had even gently and cheerfully checked our splendid
enthusiasm. This was Cazotte, an amiable and original man, but unhappily
infatuated with the reveries of the Illuminati. He spoke, and with the
most serious tone, saying: 'Gentlemen, be satisfied; you will all see
this great and sublime revolution, which you so much desire. You know
that I am a little inclined to prophecy; I repeat, you will see it.' He
was answered by the common rejoinder: 'One need not be a conjurer to see
that.' He answered: 'Be it so; but perhaps one must be a little more
than conjurer for what remains for me to tell you. Do you know what
will be the consequences of this revolution--what will be the
consequences to all of you, and what will be the immediate result--the
well-established effect--the thoroughly recognized consequences to all
of you who are here present?'

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