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The Matter Of Time Conditions

The time at which the seances are held is not in itself important, but
it will be found best to fix such time at such an hour that will be most
convenient for the sitters, and at which their minds will not be
distracted by thoughts that they should return home, or should be
attending to certain household or business duties, etc. The seances
should be held not oftener than, say, twice a week, or at the most three
times a week. Each seance should be continued for about an hour or a
little over--certainly not over two hours at a time. The sitters should
be punctual in attendance, so that no time may be lost or wasted. The
idea should be that the spirit friends are awaiting your coming to
fulfill your engagement with them, and one should be as careful to keep
such an engagement as he would were the engagement with his most valued
friend or esteemed acquaintance. Regularity in attendance is also
important, as it is important that so far as possible the same general
conditions be maintained at each and every seance. The seance should be
started at the same hour on each occasion, at least so far as is
possible, so as to preserve the same time rhythm.

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