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The Power Of Fearthought

The last-named writer explains the reference to "fear and belief" in the
last sentence above quoted by the following very important statements,
and these we ask every student of this book to firmly impress upon his
mind, for a mighty truth is therein conveyed. The statements in question
are as follows:

"Your attention is hereby called to a very important psychic principle
involved in the manifestation of that class of phenomena in which is
embraced the cases of witchcraft, sorcery, etc., with which the pages of
history are filled. It is a well established fact that by denying the
psychic power over you exerted by any person whatsoever, you practically
neutralize the psychic power of such person, at least so far as its
effect upon and power over yourself is concerned. The stronger and more
positive is your mental attitude of immunity to such power, and your
assertion and affirmation of that immunity, the greater is your own
power of psychic resistance, and the less does his possible power over
you become. The average person, not knowing this, is more or less
passive to psychic influences of other persons, and may be affected by
them to a greater or less extent, the degree depending upon the psychic
development of the person seeking to influence him.

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