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A Senseless World
Discovery Of New Worlds
Great Changes Impending
Interpenetrating Planes And Worlds
Knowledge Versus Faith
Manifold Planes Of Existence
Planes And Vibrations
Prejudice Against The Unusual
Super-sensible Vibrations
Supernormal Not Abnormal
Supernormal Not Supernatural
The Elemental Sense
The Evolution Of The Senses
The Higher Planes Of Nature
The Higher Senses Of Men
The Higher Vibrations
The Naturalness Of The Occult Powers
The Prevailing Ignorance
The Raw Material Of Thought
The World Of Sensation
The World Of Vibrations
Transcendental Senses
Unfoldment Of New Senses
Unseen Worlds
We Sense Only Vibratory Motion

The Prevailing Ignorance

The ignorant and unthinking attitude of certain portions of the general
public toward this class of phenomena is akin to that of a community of
blind and deaf persons, satisfied that their own "three sense" standard
is the highest possible one attainable by living creatures and that all
variation therefrom must be considered as "abnormal." In such a
community there would occasionally be born certain individuals possessed
of the senses of sight and hearing, in addition to the common three
senses possessed by the entire community. Judging by what we know of the
tendency of human nature in such cases, we are warranted in conjuring
that the ordinary run of persons in such a community would revile the
seeing and hearing individuals as "abnormal," and their possessors
therefore to be pitied, and perhaps shunned. Only the intelligent and
thoughtful members of such a community would be able to grasp the fact
that these exceptional individuals were really not only not "abnormal,"
and inferior to type, but that they were really "supernormal," and
superior to type.

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