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The Spirit Communication Code
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Who Are Mediumistic?

The Spirit Communication Code

At the beginning, the leader should plainly announce the signalling
conditions, so as to avoid confusion on the part of the sitters and the
visiting spirits (for there are several codes in use, and confusion
sometimes occurs). The most general used and approved code is as
follows: "THREE indicates Yes; ONE indicates No; TWO indicates
'doubtful'; FOUR indicates 'don't know'; and FIVE indicates 'call the
alphabet.'" The numbers refer to the number of raps or table-tilts,
etc., given by the spirits in answer to questions asked them. When the
alphabet is called for, some one of the circle slowly calls out each
letter of the alphabet, in regular order, until a rap or table-tilt
indicate that the right letter has been indicated; this letter should
then be written down, and the alphabet again called, until the next
letter is indicated; and so on until the message is completed. For
instance, the name "John" would be spelt out as J-O-H-N, four callings
of the alphabet being necessary to obtain the same.

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