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The Spirit Signals

When these rappings or table-tiltings begin to be manifested, all in the
circle should keep cool and calm, and should refuse to become agitated
or excited. If the phenomena should be apparently meaningless and
disconnected, and resulting in no definite communication from the other
side, do not jump to the conclusion that the meaningless rapping or
senseless table tipping is the work of foolish spirits or flippant
decarnate entities. On the contrary, you must remember that not only is
your circle experimenting, but that the spirits on the other side are
also experimenting in hopes of securing proper conditions for
intelligent communications and definite messages. As we have said
before, the spirits have their own troubles, as well as the sitters, and
both sides are really engaged in an effort to "find each other." As a
writer has said: "Remember also that you are merely experimenting, and
that the spirit people are also, perhaps for the first time, trying to
penetrate the veil and utilize powers and agencies of which, in all
probability, they know as little as do you. So many disturbing factors
exist--weather, varying psychical conditions of the sitters, agitated
mental states, too great expectancy, or anxiety for successful
demonstrations--that the true disposition to be maintained by the
inquirer is that of the scientific student, who carefully watches what
transpires, and endeavors to discover the causes of failure as well as
the conditions which favor success."

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