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How To Use The Spirit Cabinet
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The Stewardship Of Great Powers
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Use And Abuse Of Automatic Writing
Why The Cabinet Is Necessary
Writing Mediumship

The Stewardship Of Great Powers

We can not hope to more fitly close this book devoted to the brief
presentation of the facts of the psychic world, and the world of spirit,
than by quoting the following words uttered by a faithful laborer in the
vineyard of spiritualism: "Spiritualism helps us to understand the
'unity of spirit' and 'the brotherhood of man' in the divine
relationship wherein the greatest among us is the servant of all. The
possession of great gifts is an added responsibility. We are only
stewards of our powers on behalf or others, and our desire to gain
knowledge and influence should be vitalized and dignified by the
intention to use them to help, teach, and serve our fellows, and in such
service we shall ourselves be blest."

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