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The Trance Condition

The psychic condition frequently attending the demonstration of
mediumship powers is usually spoken of as a "trance," but this term is
quite misleading, for it carries with it the suggestion of an entire
loss of consciousness and of a condition of more or less deep sleep. But
the mediumistic trance is seldom a deep sleep condition. Instead, it is
the condition similar to that of a profound "day dream," in which the
person is fully awake but in which the consciousness has been almost
entirely taken off the sights and sounds of the outside world. As a
writer has well said: "What is called 'trance mediumship' is seldom of
the nature of the deep sleep of entire unconsciousness. It is more
frequently the suspension of the ordinary consciousness of external
surroundings, a temporary oblivion on the outer plane--a semi-conscious
state, in fact--in which the subject does not retain the volitional
ability to employ his thinking powers, the latter having been 'switched
off,' so to speak, and the subject responds to the will of the spirit

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