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The Truth Of Personal Survival

"When once there is established the conviction of the truth of personal
survival of our loved ones, and the actual and satisfactory
demonstrations thereof through mediumship (and we know of no means
whereby such evidences can be obtained save through mediumship), we are
thrilled and delighted; and when this conviction is borne upon us and
driven home by the evidences, and the truth of spirit ministry has been
realized, nothing can destroy it. The spiritualist stands upon firm
ground--the impregnable rock of ascertained fact. He knows that
intercourse between the two worlds is real, continuous; therefore he is
proof against all speculations, denunciations, and adverse theories.
Dogmatic condemnations, 'bogey' cries, charges of fraud against mediums,
fail to move or frighten him. He can 'speak what he knows and testify to
what he has seen;' his positive and affirmative experience and testimony
outweigh all the opposition of 'doubting Thomases' who do not know.

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