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Thought Forms

Another phase of clairvoyant phenomena of this class is that of the
perception of "thought forms," as they are called by occultists. As all
students of occultism know, a strong thought or emotion manifests a
certain high vibratory motion, and takes upon itself a vibratory "form"
which is plainly perceptible to the trained clairvoyant vision. These
thought-forms manifest a great variety in appearance and character. Some
appear in a faint wave-like form, something like the tiny waves caused
by the dropping of a pebble in a pond of water. Others take on a
whirlpool form, rotating and whirling as they move through space. Others
appear like whirling rings, similar in general form to the "ring" puffed
forth from the mouth of a cigar smoker, or from the funnel of a
locomotive. Others glow like great opals. Others appear like jets
emitted from the spout of a teakettle. Others twist along like a
corkscrew. Others appear like exploding bombs. Others branch out arms
like a devil-fish, which wriggle in all directions, as if striving to
attach themselves to some object upon which they wish to take hold.

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