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Adjusting The Crystal
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The Dawn Of Clairvoyance
The Milky Mist
The Phenomena Of Clairvoyance
The Psychic Scent
Time And Space In Crystal Gazing
Time Of Sittings
Trance Conditions
Two Classes Of Visions
Varieties Of Psychometry

Trance Conditions

Many clairvoyants, manifesting their powers by means of the methods of
Direct Clairvoyance, produce in themselves the condition of trance, or
semi-trance condition. Many students believe that these conditions are
absolutely necessary for the production of this kind of phenomena, but
they neglect, or are actually unaware of, the fact that many of the
highest forms of this class of clairvoyant phenomena are manifested by
clairvoyants who are no more in a trance condition, or that of
semi-trance, than those following the methods of Psychometry or Crystal
Gazing, respectively. All that is required is that the clairvoyant
maintain a quiescent mental attitude, shutting out the sounds, sights,
and thoughts of the outside world, and concentrating the full attention
upon the clairvoyant work before him or her. Some, it is true, pass
easily into the semi-trance, or even the full trance condition, but the
latter are not absolutely necessary states.

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