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Trance Or Inspirational Mediumship

Through the development and unfoldment afforded by the development
circle, the mediumistic persons in that circle, particularly the medium
who is "sitting for development" in the circle, will in all probability
develop that phase of mediumship caller "Trance Mediumship," or
"Inspirational Mediumship." Of this phase of mediumship a writer has
said: "This mental phase of mediumship involves the development of a
degree of impressibility which may range from the conscious reception of
suggestion, or impulses, or thoughts from other intelligences, to the
lucidity on the spiritual plane which is displayed by conscious
clear-seeing, or spirit-sight. The phenomena of super-sensuous reception
due to spirit influence are elicited in much the same way as a mesmerist
arouses the clairvoyant powers of his subject. The somnambulic sleep, or
trance, is induced in the subject whose voluntary powers are no longer
under his control, and the involuntary processes are well-nigh
suspended. In this state his spirit sometimes gains a larger degree of
freedom, and is able to perceive on the inner or spiritual plane.

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