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Trance Phenomena

Another writer has said: "In entering the trance condition of
mediumship, you will probably become semi-conscious, or perhaps almost
completely unconscious. The influence will stimulate your breathing,
which will become rapid and irregular; your eyes will close and you will
be unable to open them, and your hands and body may twitch and jerk as
if you were being subjected to a series of galvanic shocks. The sitters
should keep calm and sympathetic, but they should check any tendency on
the part of the medium to undue noise, or violence, or absurdity. You
will be aware of what you are doing, but will be unable to fully
exercise the will to interfere or try to stop. You will most likely
become conscious of an impulse to do something, or to blurt out certain
words. If you resist, you will only make the task more difficult and
hinder the attainment of the end you have in view. Your best course is
to hold your judgment in suspense; so do not be hostile or critical, but
act out your impressions.

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