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Mental Vibrations and Transmissions

A General Principle
A Great Scientist's Theory
A Living Dynamic Focus
A Peculiar Organ
An Appeal To Reason
Chitta Or Mind Substance
Dynamic Correlate Of Thought
Example Of Electric Light
Example Of Light Waves
Example Of Wireless Telegraphy
Human Electro-magnetism
Human Etheric Force
In Tune With Higher Planes
The Brain-battery
The Higher Forces
The Human Wireless Telegraph Instrument
The Pineal Gland
The World Of Vibrations
Transformation Of Mental Vibrations
Transformation Of Vibrations
Transmission Of Thought
Uncharted Seas Of Vibration
Vibrational Attunement
What Modern Science Says
A Nswer To Skeptical Critics

Transformation Of Mental Vibrations

Now for the analogy. Mental vibrations are so only when they remain in
their own uninterrupted medium of channel of activity, i.e., the brain
and the nervous system of the individual. Many hold that they are able
to leap over the barrier of flesh separating two persons when such
persons are in immediate physical contact, and the conditions are of a
certain kind; but as a rule they do not do so. But, as all investigators
know, mental vibrations are capable of being transformed into some
subtle form of etheric vibrations, and the latter when coming in contact
with the nervous system of other persons may be again transformed, this
time into mental vibrations which produced thoughts, feelings and mental
images in the minds of the second persons or persons, corresponding with
these mental states in the first person. Think over this carefully,
until you grasp the idea fully.

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