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Trumpet Mediumship

In what is known as "trumpet mediumship," the sound of the voice of the
communicating spirit is increased in power by the use of a trumpet
shaped arrangement of paper, card-board, tin, or aluminum. There is no
particular virtue in the material used, and anyone may make a
serviceable trumpet out of heavy paper or thin card-board. The principle
of the use of the "spirit trumpet" is precisely that of the well-known
megaphone, i.e., it MAGNIFIES the sound, and increases its carrying
power. A spirit speaking in the faintest whisper through the trumpet is
enabled to have its voice heard plainly by those present in the circle,
where otherwise nothing would be heard. Often the spirit force is so
strong that it will pick up the trumpet and carry it around the circle,
tapping the various members thereof, and whispering through it into the
ear of some particular members. Weak spirits, therefore, who are unable
to make themselves heard in the ordinary way, often employ the trumpet
with effect in seances. When the trumpet is used, it should be placed on
the table, awaiting the use of the spirits.

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