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A Senseless World
Discovery Of New Worlds
Great Changes Impending
Interpenetrating Planes And Worlds
Knowledge Versus Faith
Manifold Planes Of Existence
Planes And Vibrations
Prejudice Against The Unusual
Super-sensible Vibrations
Supernormal Not Abnormal
Supernormal Not Supernatural
The Elemental Sense
The Evolution Of The Senses
The Higher Planes Of Nature
The Higher Senses Of Men
The Higher Vibrations
The Naturalness Of The Occult Powers
The Prevailing Ignorance
The Raw Material Of Thought
The World Of Sensation
The World Of Vibrations
Transcendental Senses
Unfoldment Of New Senses
Unseen Worlds
We Sense Only Vibratory Motion

Unfoldment Of New Senses

The same writer continues as follows: "Even as it is man is able to
perceive only a limited number of sound vibrations--there are many sound
vibrations above and below his scale, and which he is unable to
perceive, but which are registered by delicate instruments. Likewise,
man is able to perceive only a limited range of light vibrations, there
being enormous fields of such vibrations above and below his range.
Again, man is unable to sense electrical waves, or magnetic
waves--though, theoretically, he should be able to sense these as well
as light waves, the difference between these respective fields of
etheric vibrations being simply different rates of vibration. Imagine
what a new world would be opened to man if he could sense the waves of
electricity. In that case he could 'see' things as far away from him as
the waves of electricity could travel, and even though solid objects
intervened, as in the case of the X-Rays. In such a case a man might
actually 'see' things at the other side of the world, by means of
'wireless electrical waves.' Theoretically these things are possible,
providing that man's optical nerves are rendered more sensitive, or
provided that he evolves a new set of sensory nerves and instruments of

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