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Time Clairvoyance
Viewing Distant Scenes

Viewing Distant Scenes

A writer has said of this form of clairvoyant perception: "The view of a
distant scene obtained in this way is in many ways not unlike that seen
through a telescope. Human figures usually appear very small, like those
upon a distant stage, but in spite of their diminutive size they are
clear as though they were close by. Sometimes it is possible by this
means to hear what is said as well as to see what is done; but as in the
majority of cases this does not happen, we must consider it rather as
the manifestation of an additional power than as a necessary corollary
of the faculty of sight. It will be observed that in cases of this kind
the clairvoyant does not actually leave his physical body at all--he
simply manufactures for himself, and uses, a kind of psychic telescope.
Consequently he has the use of his physical powers while he is examining
the distant scene; for example, his voice usually describes what he sees
even while he is in the act of making the observation."

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