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What A Development Circle Is
Who Are Mediumistic?

Who Are Mediumistic?

Many persons are more or less naturally sensitive to spirit influence,
and therefore mediumistic. In many cases these persons tend to take on
the psychic conditions of others, both those in earth life and those on
the spirit plane of existence, without realizing the nature of the
influence operating on them. Such persons are frequently more or less
erratic, and are considered as "flighty" by their friends. They need
instruction on the subject of psychic laws and self-control, so that
they may intelligently guard themselves against undesirable influences,
and at the same time cultivate the power of mediumship of the desirable
kind. It has been asserted that "everyone is a medium," and in a way
this is true, for practically every person is more or less sensitive to
spirit influence, and is capable of being developed into an efficient
medium of communication with the spirit world. But it is equally true
that only a certain percentage of persons possess the true spiritual
qualities requisite for the highest phases of true mediumship. That is
to say, but few persons are fitted temperamentally and spiritually for
the higher tasks of mediumship. We think it safe to say, however, that
where a person is filled with a burning desire to become a true medium,
and feels within himself or herself a craving of the soul for
development along these lines, then that person may feel assured that he
or she has within his or her soul the basic qualities required for true
mediumship, and that these may be developed by the proper methods.

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