Developing Writing Mediumship

Another writer on the subject of writing mediumship says to those

developing this phase of mediumship: "Your hands may be caused to shake

and move about as if you desired to write. You may be quite conscious,

or only semi-conscious, but you will feel that you are unable to prevent

the movements. In such a case, the sitters should provide pencil and

paper and await results. They should speak to the control and request

him to work quietly, and in all probability the rapid preliminary

scrawls will soon give place to slower and more legible writing. Many

persons have developed as writing mediums who have never sat in a

circle, and without being entranced. We should advise you, if you decide

to sit alone and make experiments in this direction, to avoid

excitement, expectancy, and preconceptions. Proceed as though you were

speaking to a visible friend, and request that someone will move your

hands to write. Provide yourself with a writing pad, or several sheets

of paper, and while holding a pencil in readiness, withdraw your

thoughts from your hand and arm, and assume a passive condition. If you

are strongly mediumistic, words and sentences may be written, but you

need hardly expect such results at first."

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