Incidents Of Writing Mediumship

One writer says: "If the medium reaches the writing stage, he generally

passes into it in much the same manner that he does into the

inspirational speaking. That is, he becomes entranced, and in

entrancement of this kind he usually loses his conscious self, although

it is not essential that he should do so. He may remain partially

conscious, but he will be very pale and will have no control whatever

over the hand which does the writing. When the hand that writes is

generally the only part of him that becomes numb, one entire side may

become limp and inactive, and it is at this stage that a pencil must be

placed in his hand all ready for writing, and a large sheet of heavy

paper be put on the table before him. It is urged that the pencil be a

heavy one, and the paper tough and coarse, for the first writing of a

writing medium is not even a fair specimen of penmanship, being heavy

and very difficult to decipher. As his hand wanders here and there, his

body may sway and the pencil be brought in contact with the paper. When

he begins to write, the strokes are crude and jerky and uncertain. The

first notes that he delivers to the sitters are very often difficult to

make out, and sometimes it is impossible to tell what they are. But this

condition will be gradually overcome until the writing is very fair, and

finally it can be written on much finer paper and with an ordinary

pencil. When questions are to be asked, they may be put direct to the

medium, and the answers will be written out and signed by the spirit

sending them. As the medium develops, it will not be necessary for him

to have the questions put to him verbally. Write the questions on a

little slip of paper, and place these slips in his hands. The spirit

will read them, and then use his arm as before in writing out answers.

But this stage cannot be attained in a day or a week, and it is a sign

of the higher forms of development, and should be looked upon by the

members of the circle as evidence of the highest order establishing the

great success they have attained."

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