Mediumistic Auto-suggestion

Other authorities have pointed out the fact that in some cases hypnotism

has resulted in a sort of pseudo-mediumship, or bogus mediumship, in

which the control is not that of a real spirit, but is merely the result

of the suggestion of the hypnotizer, or else the auto-suggestion of the

would-be medium himself. A writer on the subject has said of this: "In

too many cases, only the power of auto-hypnotism is manifested, and we

have obsession, fraud and folly as the result. There is one sure method

of detecting the auto-hypnotic trance, and showing the difference

between that and the genuine spirit trance. Any competent magnetist or

hypnotiser can throw off the spell in all cases of self-induced trance,

unless it has reached the condition of complete catalepsy. But if a

spirit has induced the trance and controls the medium, it will laugh at

the hypnotist's efforts to restore him to the ordinary condition. The

most unfortunate feature of this sorry business is that the poor subject

is self-deceived, and imagines that he is a full-fledged medium; and

when he has made some terrible break on the platform or elsewhere he

shields himself by laying all the responsibility upon some supposed

spirit guide."

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