Other Historical Instances

To mention but a few other celebrated instances of historic prophecy:

George Fox, the pioneer Quaker Friend, had the clairvoyant faculty well

developed, and numerous instances of its manifestation by him are

recorded. For instance, he foretold the death of Cromwell, when he met

him riding at Hampton Court; he said that he felt "a waft of death"

around and about Cromwell--and Cromwell died shortly afterward. Fox also

publicly foretold the dissolution of the Rump Parliament of England; the

restoration of Charles II; and the Great Fire of London. These

prophecies are all matters of history. For that matter, history contains

many instances of this kind, as, for instance, the prophecy of Caesar's

death, and its further prevision by his wife. The Bible prophecies and

predictions, major and minor, give us semi-historical instances.

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