Practical Advice To Developing Mediums

The young developing medium who has read the foregoing pages of this

book will in all probability soon discover just what phase of mediumship

is best suited for his natural powers, temperament and psychic

constitution. As his innate psychic powers unfold and develop he will be

almost instinctively led in the particular directions in which these

powers may find the opportunity for the best form of expression and

manifestation. And, at the same time, the spirit friends which the young

medium will have drawn to himself will have discovered, by means of

experimentation, just what phase of mediumship the young medium would

best develop in order to convey the messages and communications from the

spirit side of life. The following bits of advice from mediumistic

writers of good standing will, however, perhaps serve to make the path

clearer for the young medium who is reaching out toward the best and

most efficient form of manifestation of the powers which he has found

are within himself.

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