Spirit Code Signals

In this new phase, when once entered into, the formal set procedure to

be followed will be about as follows: The leader of the circle,

recognizing the signs of the presence of spirits in the circle, will

address them and ask them whether or not there is a spirit present who

wishes to convey a message to the circle, or to any one present. Then

the spirits signal back in the affirmative or the negative. If the

answer be in the affirmative, the circle leader asks the spirits to

indicate by the affirmative signal when the name of the right person

present is named--and he then proceeds to slowly and plainly name each

person present, in succession, until the affirmative signal is received.

Or, he may ask the spirits to indicate the identity of the spirit

friends present, when their names are called; and he then proceeds to

call over the names of the departed friends of those present, as the

same are requested by the sitters or visitors to the circle. When the

right name is reached, the spirits signal in the affirmative, either by

raps of table-tilts, etc. After the question-and-answer line of

communication has been firmly and strongly established, more definite

information may be obtained by the instruction of the system of

"alphabet calling," as described in a preceding portion of this book.

In this system, the letters of the alphabet are slowly and clearly

called off, in succession, until the affirmative signal is given

regarding the letter just called, which indicates that that letter is to

be marked down as a part of the sentence. Wonderful messages have been

received in this way, although the process is very slow and somewhat

tedious in the case of long messages.

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