Spirit Jokers

Another writer says, on this point: "That there are spirits who

sometimes impersonate, and seek to pass themselves off as friends of the

sitters, cannot be denied; in fact, we have had personal proof of the

same on several occasions. But these troublesome and vexatious visitors

invariably get 'bowled out' if the investigators are observant and

careful. In fact, such entities are neither as numerous, or as evilly

disposed, as many persons imagine them to be. There are spirits who

'play up to' the weaknesses and flatter the vanity of those to whom they

communicate. And it is equally true that there are spirits who give

glowing assurances of the good things that they will perform by-and-by,

and profess to be some of the 'great ones' of the past, is equally true.

It is a well-known saying that 'people love a lord,' and this amiable

weakness is fully realized by the jokers on the other side--but the

fault does not wholly rest with them! Their too confiding and credulous

mediums are too often in the main responsible for their own

mystification and misleading. They are often so anxious to be guided by

some 'eminent' person who will be to them an 'authority,' that they

practically invite spirit pretenders to fool them to the top of their

bent. This does not apply to all cases of real or supposed deception,

but it does cover a large proportion of such experiences. In many

instances there is an element of self-deception--or auto-suggestion--and

the 'wish becomes father to the thought,' and the sensitive medium's

unrestrained imaginative powers do the rest."

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