The Oriental Teaching

The Hindus, and other oriental peoples, however, have a clearly defined

and positive explanation of the phenomena of Future Time Clairvoyance,

which must be included in our consideration of the subject, even though

it does involve certain metaphysical or philosophical conceptions which

are apart from our present inquiry as conducted in this book. The

oriental theory is based upon that basic conception of the eastern

philosophies which hold that the beginning, duration, and ending of any

particular one of the infinitude of successive universes created by the

Supreme Being, is to that Being but as a single moment of time; or, as

the celebrated Hindu proverb runs: "The creation, duration, and

destruction of a universe is but the time of the twinkling of an eye to

Brahman." In other words, that to the Supreme Being, all the past, all

the present, all the future of the universe, must be as but a single

thought in a single moment of time--an instantaneous act of


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