Space Clairvoyance

In what is called Space Clairvoyance the objects, persons, scenes, or

events perceived by the clairvoyant are removed in space from him--often

being located at points in space thousands of miles distant, in fact.

The pages of works upon occultism, and those devoted to the recording of

proved instances gathered by the societies for psychical research, are

filled with the most interesting cases of this form of clairvoyant

vision. Instances are recorded, upon the very best possible authority,

in which persons with clairvoyant powers have been perfectly cognizant

of events occurring on the other side of the world, or across the

Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. In fact, it would seem that distance and

space are practically wiped out in this form of clairvoyant phenomena,

and that it is just as easy to see clairvoyantly over the space of a

thousand miles, as over that of a hundred feet--the principle involved

being precisely the same.