Guarding Against Fraudulent Spirits

One writer says: "While most mediums seek for some guide or control of

prominence, it must not be always taken for granted that the controlling

spirit during a seance is always just what he claims to be. For

instance, a spirit control might give his name as Henry Clay, and he

might deliver a spirited talk or oration, which, however, would be

reeking with grammatical errors. Even though he insist that he is Henry

ur reason will tell us that he is not what he pretends to be. The

change which we call death cannot lead all spirits to reform, and there

are many who, as in earth life, are unworthy of our association, and

should be gotten rid of as soon as they appear. When these fraudulent

spirits appear, the atmosphere of the circle should be made very sacred

and high in character. Evil spirits, and those of low characters,

cannot endure the presence of elevated and high thoughts, and by the

holding of thoughts of this character the circle can soon rid itself for

good of these troublesome entities--and it should do so without fail."