How To Make The Spirit Cabinet

One of the best kind of cabinets for this purpose is a small alcove

room, or other small room adjoining the room in which the visitors sit

at the seance. A large closet will also answer the purpose very well, in

fact many mediums prefer the closet to any other form of cabinet. If

neither small room or closet is available, then it becomes necessary to

build or erect a cabinet for the medium. One of the simplest and least

expensive methods of building or erecting a cabinet for the medium is as

follows: Take a large piece of dark cloth, cotton or woolen, or else a

large shawl, and fasten it by stout twine or cord across a corner of the

room. It will be better if the curtain is made in two pieces, so as to

allow it to part in the middle for the purpose of the entry and exit of

the medium, and for the purpose of allowing the materialized spirit form

to show itself to the circle. It is not necessary that all light be

excluded from the cabinet, and therefore it need cause no worriment if a

little light filters in over the top of the curtain; but the lights in

the main room should be kept burning "dim and low," not only for the

purpose of aiding in the actual work or materialization, but also in

order to preserve the proper conditions when the materialized spirit

presents itself between the opened curtains.