Materialization Mediumship

One of the rarest, and at the same time the most eagerly sought after

phase of mediumship, is that known as "materialization mediumship." In

this phase of mediumship the decarnate spirit is able to draw upon the

vital forces of the medium, and those present at the seance, to such

effect that it may clothe itself with a tenuous, subtle form of matter,

and then exhibit itself to the sitters in the same form and appearance

that it had previously presented in its earth life. Many of the most

remarkable testimonies to the truth and validity of spiritualism have

been obtained through this phase of mediumship, and it is the aim of all

investigators to witness, and of most mediums to be the channel of the

production of, this remarkable phase of mediumistic phenomena.

In almost all instances of materialization phenomena in the record of

modern spiritualism we find that a cabinet was employed. There are two

main reasons advanced for the necessity of the cabinet in this phase of

mediumistic phenomena. The first of said reasons is that in many cases

darkness has been found necessary for the preliminary work of the

materialization, although absolute darkness is not necessary in the

general room in which the materialized spirit forms afterward appear.

The second of the said reasons is that there seems to be a psychic

atmosphere created by the blending of the spirit forces with those of

the medium, which atmosphere must be kept apart from and unmixed with

the auras of the members of the outside circle or the general visitors

at the seance.