Dynamic Correlate Of Thought

"A process that is at once chemical, physical and psychical, goes on in

the brain. A complex action of this kind is propagated through the gray

brain matter, as waves are propagated in water. Regarded on its

physiological side, an idea is only a vibration, a vibration that is

propagated, yet which does not pass out of the medium in which it can

exist as such. It is propagated only as far as other vibrations allow.

It i
propagated more widely if it assumes the character which

subjectively we call emotive. But it cannot go beyond without being

transformed. Nevertheless, like force in general, it cannot remain in

isolation, and it escapes in disguise.

"Thought stays at home, as the chemical action of a battery remains in

the battery; it is represented by its dynamic correlate, called in the

case of the battery a 'current,' and in the case of the brain, I know

not what; but whatever its name may be, it is THE DYNAMIC CORRELATE OF

THOUGHT. I have chosen the name 'dynamic correlate.' There is something

more than that; the universe is neither dead nor void.

"A force that is transmitted meets other forces, and if it is

transformed only little by little it usually limits itself to modifying

another force at its own cost, though without suffering materially

thereby. This is the case particularly with forces that are persistent,

concentrated, well seconded by their medium. It is the case with the

physiological equilibrium, nervic force, psychic force, ideas, emotions,

tendencies. These modify environing forces, without themselves

disappearing. They are imperceptibly transformed, AND IF THE NEXT MAN IS