Neutralizing Psychic Influences

Another writer gives us the following most interesting information and

advice for use in cases of this kind: "I wish to point out to you a

means of protection against the use of psychic influence against

yourself on the part of unscrupulous persons, or any other persons

whomsoever, for that matter. One is fully justified in employing this

method of protection against even the meddling influence of other

persons, who ar
trying to influence you without your permission or

consent. The following is the method of self-protection or defense

against this class of psychic influence: In the first place, you must,

of course, refuse to admit to your mind any feeling of fear regarding

the influence of other persons, for such fear opens the door to their

influence, as all students of this subject know. If you have been, or

are fearful of the psychic influence of any person, you must get to work

and drive out that feeling by positive and vigorous denials. The DENIAL,

as all students know, is the positive neutralizer of the psychic

influence of another person, providing you make it in full belief in its

truth. You must take the mental position (which is really the true one)

that you are absolutely immune to the psychic attack or influence. You

should say, mentally, 'deny to any person the power to influence me

psychically without my consent; I am positive to all such influences,

and they are negative to me; I neutralize all such influences by this

positive denial!' It should encourage you to know that it requires far

less force and power to repel and neutralize psychic influences of this

kind, than is required to send forth the power; an ounce of denial and

protection overcomes a pound of psychic attacking power. Nature gives

you the means of protection, and gives you the 'best end of the stick';

and it is your own fault if you do not use it effectively. A word to the

wise is sufficient."