Degrees Of Clairvoyant Vision

There is, of course, many degrees of power and development among

clairvoyants of this class; and as a result we have many varying degrees

of correctness in their readings. Some have merely a glimpse, as through

dim glasses; and some obtain merely distorted reflections similar to

those of a scene reflected into the troubled waters of a lake. Others

see far more clearly; but it is reserved for the trained occultist to

read the records as he would read the scene before him on the physical

plane. The clairvoyant does not become infallible simply by reason of

the perhaps only faint awakening of his clairvoyant vision--he is not

suddenly gifted with omniscience, as some seem to suppose. There are

almost always elements of error or imperfect visioning, except among the

advanced adepts of the occult world.