Incidents Of Inspirational Mediumship

Another writer speaking concerning inspirational mediumship, has said:

"In inspirational speaking it will be noted that the medium often gives

a really wonderful speech, although he may naturally be a very poor

conversationalist. These speeches are often preserved and some of them

form exceptionally interesting literature. These speeches are generally

given when the medium is seated, but sometimes he loses balance and

alls to the floor. Still, as long as the spirit control has anything to

say, he will say it through the vocal organs of the medium. But it must

always be borne in mind that a medium does not, as a general rule,

become an inspirational speaker all at once. There is a stage of

development through which he must pass in which the spirit control

assumes charge of the body of the medium, and this takes some time and

is usually accomplished in steps. First, the medium gives evidence of

inspirational speaking by uttering guttural sounds, and very often his

mouth merely moves without giving forth any sound whatever. Little by

little the control gains access to the inner atmosphere of the medium,

and when he has broken the final barriers, he can speak and act and

deliver what he has to say. But it must be remembered that the mind of

the medium is not to be left out of the question entirely. He is often

called upon to aid in the interpretation of the speeches the spirit

delivers, and these he may misinterpret and lend to them color of his

own mentality, without his conscious intention to do so, however."