Interpenetrating Planes And Worlds

Another says: "It is true that 'things are not what they seem'; but

everything seems to be 'thus and so' to us only because of its

particular plane of being, and that plane of being is determined by its

vibrations. On one plane there is a certain vibratory value or speed;

on another plane, a different one; but a plane is not a place, but a

state, and so it is possible that two utterly different planes of being

might co
exist in the same place and be entirely unknown to one another.

That may seem absurd, but it is a scientific truth, and many authorities

have endorsed the same."

Another says: "There may be, right here and now, passing through us and

this world, some planet invisible to us, with mountains, oceans, lakes,

rivers, cities, and inhabitants: and yet we know absolutely nothing of

their existence." Another says: "Some students of the occult find it

difficult to grasp the idea of a number of manifestations, each having

its own rate of vibration, occupying the same point of space at the same

time. A slight consideration of the phenomena of the physical world

would perhaps aid such persons in assimilating the concept in question.

For instance, as every student of physics knows, a single point of space

may contain at the same time vibrations of heat, light of many shades,

magnetism electricity, X-Rays, etc., each manifesting its own rate of

vibration, land yet none interfering with the others."

Another says: "Every beam of sunlight contains many different colors,

each with its own degree of vibration, and yet none crowding out the

others. By the use of the proper forms of laboratory apparatus each kind

of light may be separated from the others, and the ray thus split up.

The difference in colors arises simply from the different rates of

etheric vibrations. Again, it is possible to send many telegrams along

the same wire, at the same time, by using senders and receivers of

different vibratory keynotes. The same thing has its corresponding

analogy in the case of the wireless telegraphy. So you see, even on the

physical planes we find many forms of vibratory energy manifesting on,

in, and at the same point of space at the same time, without interfering

one with the other."