Planes And Vibrations

To those who may be disposed to regard the above statements concerning

the "planes of being" as somewhat visionary, theoretical, or imaginary,

we would say: "Go to modern science, and verify this statement." The

following quotation from a writer on the subject will serve to

illustrate this fact, viz.: "We are apt to think that we are familiar

with every kind of matter in existence, but such is not the case. We are

iar with only a few forms of matter. Spectrum analysis shows us

that on certain fixed stars there are forms of matter far different from

matter as we know it on this planet. On some stars this unknown matter

appears to be of a much lower form of vibration than that manifested by

terrestrial matter; while on others, there appears to be a much higher

vibratory rate than even that manifested by the most subtle forms of

ultra-gaseous matter known to us here. Even on our own globe we can

distinguish between several great class of matter. In addition to the

forms called 'solid,' 'liquid,' and 'gaseous,' respectively, science now

recognizes a fourth plane of matter known as 'ultra-gaseous' matter, and

there are indications of several even finer states of matter, known

under the general term of 'radiant matter.' In fact, modern science sees

'radiant matter' apparently fading away into 'radiant energy.'"

In view of the facts of modern science concerning the different planes

of substance, matter and energy, it is mere stupidity that ventures to

question the possibility of the existence of great plane of being and

life beyond the range of the ordinary senses of man--planes surrounding

us on all sides, occupying the same space as we do, yet unseen by us,

and we largely unseen by those dwelling upon such planes.