Manifold Planes Of Existence

The ancient occult teachings have ever insisted upon the presence of

numerous planes of existence, of which our own particular plane is but

one. And all of these numerous planes are equally within the realms of

Nature; none of them being supernatural. And there is always found to

exist a correspondence between these several planes of manifestation;

and, under supernormal conditions, a certain degree of possible

ation between them. Each of these planes has numerous

subdivisions and subplanes, the divisions being according to the rule of

"sevens," as follows: there are seven grand planes, and each of these

are subdivided into seven secondary planes, and each of these into seven

tertiary planes, and so on until the division has been made seven times.

The student of occultism, particularly at the beginning of his studies,

experiences difficulty in comprehending just what is meant by the term

"plane" as employed in the occult teachings. His first impression,

usually encouraged by the use of the dictionary, is that each "plane" is

one of a series of strata or layers, above and below which are present

other layers or strata. Even after the student progresses in his

understanding of the subject, this original picture of material layers

and strata tends to persist in his thought on the subject. The error, of

course, arises from his original conception of the planes, layers, or

strata as being composed of gross material matter, whereas, as a matter

of fact, only one of the many planes is so composed. When one stops to

think that even the grossest form of matter is itself composed of

vibrations of energy (for science teaches that all matter is but energy

at the last); and that all other forms of material substance is likewise

so composed of vibrations of energy; then one is on the road to the

discovery of the real state of affairs. Then he begins to realize that

instead of the planes of being rising one above the other in the scale

of their fineness, they are graded according to their degree of

vibratory energy, and each may actually occupy the same space as all the

others. In short, the "planes" are not strata or layers of "matter" at

all, but are simply different states of vibration of energy; and that

which we know as "matter" is simply one (and a very low one) of the many

forms of such vibrations.

From the above, it is seen that the various planes of being are not

distinguished by spatial position; they do not lie one superimposed on

the other, like layers or strata of matter. Instead, they interpenetrate

each other in the same limits of space. A single point of space may

accommodate the manifestations of each and all of the seven great planes

of being, and all the subdivisions, and sub-divisions (sevenfold in

division) at the same time. The old occultists impressed this and other

facts upon the minds of their pupils by the oft-repeated aphorism: "A


"state of being" is simply a certain manifestation of vibratory energy.

With these ideas firmly fixed in the mind, the student is less apt to

wander astray from the facts of the case.