Classes Of Psychic Pictures

An English writer on the subject furnishes the following general

classification of the psychic pictures manifested in the process of

crystal gazing. The said authority might well have added that each and

every form of clairvoyant picturing is possible in crystal gazing; for

crystal gazing is merely one particular form or method of inducing

clairvoyant or psychic vision, and is not a distinct branch of psychic

phenomena in itself. The classification of the English authority,

however, is as follows:

"1. Images of something unconsciously observed. New reproductions,

voluntary or spontaneous, and bringing no fresh knowledge to the mind.

"2. Images of ideas unconsciously acquired from others. Some memory or

imaginative effort which does not come from the gazer's ordinary self.

"3. Images, clairvoyant or prophetic. Pictures giving information as to

something past, present, or future, which the gazer has no other chance

of knowing."