Psychic Sensitiveness

The student of this book will find in the succeeding portions thereof,

from time to time, certain general instructions regarding the

cultivation of psychic receptivity and sensitiveness. These general

instructions are also applicable to the cultivation of telepathic power,

and may be properly applied to that end. There is really but one general

principle involved in all the many forms of psychic receptivity, namely

of (1) shutting the senses to the ordinary impressions of the

outside world, and (2) opening the higher channels of sense to the

impressions coming in the form of vibrations of the higher forces and

finer powers of Nature. At the last, it is simply a matter of "getting

in tune," just as truly as in the case of the wireless telegraphy. These

things are difficult to explain in ordinary words to one who has had no

experience along these lines; but when one begins to actually experiment

and practice, the way opens out gradually and steadily, and then the

person can grasp the meaning of the little "hints" dropped by others who

have traveled the same path. So, after all, it comes down to the matter

of Practice, Experiment, and Learning by Trying!