The Development Of Mediumship

As regards the acquirement of mediumship qualities, information and

scientific instruction is much needed, particularly at the present time.

In this book we shall endeavor to throw much light upon this particular

matter, and to give such instruction and information in a plain,

practical form. We may begin by reminding the candidate for mediumship

that the methods of development of mediumship are entirely different

those designed to develop ordinary psychic powers. In the case of

development for ordinary psychic power, the person must acquire the

power of concentration in the direction of sensing in his inner

consciousness the impressions coming to him from the outside world, such

impressions not being consciously directed to him. He must be able to so

concentrate that he will be keenly sensitive to these impressions, and

to interpret them intelligently. On the contrary, the person wishing to

develop the power of mediumship must learn to develop the power of

negative receptivity to the vibrations coming from the spirit planes. As

has well been said, he is the acted upon, and not the actor. While he

requires concentration, patience, and perseverance in developing the

power to raise himself to the proper vibratory key, when the actual work

of communication begins he must passively allow himself to speak and

act, more or less unconsciously, under the guidance, direction, and

control of the communicating spirit.