Unconscious Mediumship

The student will do well, however, to remember that as a popular writer

has said: "It must not, however, be supposed that spirit influence is

limited to, and exerted solely upon, those who are known to be mediums;

or that the spirits do not assist those who use their own psychic

faculties. It is probable that all people who are psychically sensitive

and open to impressions are indebted to spirit helpers, whether they are

> conscious of the fact or not. There is undoubtedly a greater degree of

influx from the spirit side than even spiritualists are aware. Many

persons are indebted to spirit friends for spontaneous impulses, which,

while those persons act upon them and reap the consequences, they can

neither explain nor trace to their source. Spirits frequently associate

with and serve their earth friends, although the recipients of their

benefactions are unaware of the fact. There would be very much more of

this kind of guidance from the unseen, if, instead of being frightened,

or repellant in their mental attitude toward the spirits, the great bulk

of people were prepared to accept such assistance from the other side as

perfectly natural and to be expected."