A General Principle

At this point we wish to impress upon the minds of the students of this

book that what has been above said regarding that class of mental

communications generally classed under the head of Telepathy also

applies to many much higher phases of occult phenomena and psychic

manifestations. In fact, this is one of the reasons why we have paid

such close attention to the scientific evidence substantiating this

class of pheno
ena. It is not too much to say that in what has been said

in the foregoing pages there is to be found a scientific basis for the

phenomenon of "spirit communication," at least in many of its phases. It

is but a step in thought--and a natural and easy step at that--from the

matter of the communication of thought from the mind of one person or

the material plane of life to another person on the same plane, on to

the matter of the communication of thought from the mind of an

individual entity on a higher plane of life to a second person who is

abiding on the lower material plane occupied by us at this stage of our

existence. It is seen that the difference consists largely in the matter

of the degree and rate of vibratory energy employed, and the preparation

of a proper receiving instrument for the reception and translation of

such messages. This phase of the subject will be considered in fuller

detail in a subsequent portion of this book.