Human Etheric Force

Professor Haddock, a popular writer along the lines of scientific

psychology and kindred subjects, in a part of his work in which he was

considering the idea that thought may be communicated by means of

ether-vibrations, forcibly says: "The ether is accepted by science as a

reality, and as a medium for light, heat, electricity, magnetism, etc.

The nervous system is certainly comparable to an electric battery with

ting wires. Communications of thought and feeling without the

mediation of sense-perceptions as commonly understood, is now

established. Inanimate objects exert, now and then, 'strange

influences.' People certainly carry with them a personal atmosphere. The

representation of the condition of these facts by a psychic field,

compared to the magnetic or electric field, becomes, therefore, if not

plausible, at least convenient. As such a 'field' exists surrounding the

sun, so may a 'field' be assumed as surrounding each human individual.

'We have already strong grounds for believing that we live in a medium

which conveys to-and-fro movements to us from the sun, and that these

movements are electro-magnetic, and that all the transformation of light

and heat, and indeed the phenomena of life, are due to the electrical

energy which comes to us across the vacuum which exists between us and

the sun--a vacuum which is pervaded by the ether, which is a fit medium

for the transmission of electro-magnetic waves.' By means, then, of a

similar theory applied to mind and brain and body, we may find

reasonable explanations of many otherwise insoluble mysteries of life,

and, which is of more importance, deduce certain suggestions for the

practical regulation of life in the greatest individual interest."