Psychic Attunement

One of the most common faults of the sitters at a circle is to become

unduly impatient, and to try to force matters to a clear manifestation

of phenomena almost from the moment of the start. This is all wrong, and

is frequently the cause of many failures to obtain the higher phases of

mediumistic phenomena. Sitters should remember this important point,

i.e., that the first requisite of the circle should be to secure perfect
r /> and free communication and flow of spiritual power--after this the more

elaborate phases of phenomena may be obtained with comparative ease. One

should hold in mind the illustration of a great wireless telegraph

system, in which the sending and receiving instruments have not as yet

been placed in perfect attunement. In such a case it is of course

necessary for the two respective sets of instruments to be adjusted so

that they may be in perfect attunement with each other; and until this

is accomplished, there can be messages sent or received

properly--certainly none received in this way. If this idea be held in

mind, their circle will probably secure the psychic attunement in a much

shorter time than otherwise.