Systematic Development

"The remedy will be found in the systematic cultivation of interior

repose and confidence. The psychic must learn to regard it as a

perfectly natural experience that the spiritual states and positive

thoughts of excarnate people should impinge upon his spiritual sphere,

and while 'attentive to the holy vision,' should calmly accept the fact

and maintain the attitude or response; not anxiously nor demandingly,

but thank
ully enjoying the spiritual communion and illumination thus

afforded to him. It is only natural that many people should desire to

become mediums, and that they should wish to ascertain what constitutes

mediumship, and what is required to secure its development. But those

who express these desires should remember that in all probabilities

months, if not years, of patient development have been necessary for the

success and efficiency of those celebrated mediums whom they admire and

probably envy." But, as we have said before, if the "call" to mediumship

be felt, then it may be heeded; though the person must be prepared to

pay the price of toil and work, patience and perseverance, required to

attain the mountain top of mediumship.