Spirit Directions

Another point which should be borne in mind by the sitters in the circle

is that the spirits should be consulted as to just what they wish to

manifest at the seance. They should be asked to state plainly just what

order of phenomena they desire to manifest and demonstrate, and just

what they wish the circle to do in order to create the best conditions

for the manifestation. And it will be found advisable to heed the wishes
/> and instructions of the spirits in such cases, and to conform as far as

possible with the same. In this way the intelligent co-operation of

spirits and the circle may be obtained, and the most desirable results

be obtained. However, there is a limit to this acceptance and course,

and in no case should the limits of reasonableness be exceeded in the

matter. As a writer has well said: "It may happen that the conditions

asked for by the communicating intelligence may seem to be ludicrous or

impracticable; and in such case representations to that effect should be

made to the spirit, and if such instructions are persisted in, except

where, through long association, confidence is felt in the spirit, or

very clear evidence of knowledge has been manifested, the medium and

sitters, exercising their own reasoning powers, should quietly and

firmly decline to do what is asked of them, and some other course should

be suggested. We do not advise either medium or sitters to blindly

accept or follow what is given to or through them. Reason should ever

reign, but even reason will show that in experimental work it is

sometimes advisable to tentatively adopt and follow some course that may

not, at first sight, appear quite reasonable."