Reasons For Changes

In cases in which the spirits suggest changes in the order of sitting of

the members of the circle, or suggest other changes in the personnel of

the circle, such suggestions should be heeded, and those who are asked

to withdraw from the table should not feel hurt or offended, for there

is usually nothing personal in the matter, and no personal reflection

intended by the spirits; the whole matter is one connected with

ychical or magnetic requirements, and all should so accept it. A

writer on this subject has well said: "If you are requested, either by

the controlling intelligence or by the manager of the circle, to take

another place, or even if your room is desired for some unknown cause,

do not get angry and create a disturbance, but get with those with whom

you are in spiritual harmony and try it again. All who have succeeded

have passed through great trials and failures, and when success is

gained, think of what you have gained. A knowledge of immortality,

possibly, or you have assisted in producing an instrument through which

proofs of immortality may be given."